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That’s okay :) If you want you can always jump into the conversation later :) 

miss it I’m not feeling well. Sorry.
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First GW Watch going on NOW!

Our first Ghost Whisperer watch is going on right now. I hope to see you all there, we are watching the pilot episode!


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First GW Watch this Sunday!

Sorry for the late announcement, the poll closed last weekend but I’ve been pretty swamped with school work the last few days. The results are in, and our first Ghost Whisperer Watch will be THIS Sunday, January 22nd. 

For more information, like what time we will be watching, check out the site.

I hope to see you all there! 


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Vote on the date for our first Ghost Whisperer Watch!

We will be watching the pilot for our first GW Watch next week, but now you need to vote on your preferred day! 

You can vote here and also be sure to join the site if you haven’t yet. :)


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and after that? because in season 5 jim is back jim? It's very confusing!

Asked by Anonymous

In season 5 he is still Jim in Sam’s body, they just stopped showing “Sam”. So, technically Jim is still “dead”, but his spirit is alive in Sam’s body and Melinda, Aiden, Delia, Ned, Eli etc all know that. Whenever you see Jim, you are technically seeing Sam, but they wanted to continue using the actor who plays Jim. Very confusing, I know!

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I don't understand how jim came back and stuff? can you help me?

Asked by Anonymous

After Jim died, his spirit stayed around and didn’t cross over because he didn’t want to leave Melinda. When Sam got into a motorcycle accident, he died as well but the paramedics were trying to revive him. In those few seconds where Sam’s spirit was out of his body, Jim’s spirit jumped into his body. In those same seconds the paramedics brought Sam back to life, but now Jim was in his body. At first he didn’t remember anything (being Sam OR Jim) but eventually he got his memories of Jim back. Does that make sense?

(And it’s been a while since I’ve watched those episodes, so any of you can feel free to correct me if I got some of that wrong) 

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Don’t Forget To Suggest An Episode!

Just a reminder that we are currently trying to select which episode to watch for our first Ghost Whisperer watch. You can go here to suggest which episode you want and tell us what day would work best for you. I hope to see you all there!


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Who doesn't love the couple Melinda and Jim right? I loved here <3

Asked by ab-bracci

I know, right? Melinda & Jim are perfect. <3

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seguindo, muito lindo o tumblr bebê *-*

Asked by onlyholdon

♥ ♥ 

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I became obsessed with Jennifer Love Hewitt and I actually never watched Ghost Whisperer before. 5 minutes ago, i watched my first. I want to know the name of that episode, but i can't find it. It's about a girl and a sort of computer game, that girl's dad died a while ago and she's sad all the time etc, she was stalked by someone by that computergame ... Do you know the name? Thanks xx

Asked by Anonymous

The episode is called “Ghost in the Machine”, it is the third episode of season four. 

If you’re a fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt, you should definitely try to watch more episodes of Ghost Whisperer. :) 

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Help Pick An Episode For Our First Ghost Whisperer Watch!

It’s a new year, and I would officially like to start our GW watch! As I said earlier, we are trying to pick a date and time where we can all watch the same episode of Ghost Whisperer and chat and discuss and have some fun. 

First we need to select a date and an episode. I’ve decided I want YOUR help with that, so I’ve started a thread on the main site where you can suggest a season 1 episode and a date three weeks from now that you would prefer. I will take suggestions for one week, then I will post two polls for people to vote on their favorite episode & date of those that were suggested. I’ll keep the polls up for one week, select the top choice, and then we will have our first GW watch the week after.

You can find the thread to suggest the episode and date here.

And if you haven’t yet, don’t forget to join


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Zoom ♥ ♥ ♥ Merry Christmas ♥ ♥ ♥ 

♥ ♥ ♥ Merry Christmas    

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